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Re: Thymol crystals and smelly books

>I wonder if someone could tell me whether thymol crystals would eliminate
>the mildew smell from a book, if placed in a tightly covered container
>with the book. I've gone the cat litter and baking soda route with only
>partial success. Have also left the book outdoors on sunny, dry days for
>a few hours while the breeze turned the pages. I've looked through my
>small library and cannot find the answer.
>Lavinia Adler

I'm told that putting the book into an airtight container with some
charcoal briquets (wrapped in paper towels or some such to keep the
book clean) for a week does wonders. No personal experience but know
several people who have used it with success. (They've also gotten
dead cigarette smell out of their cars using this method.)

Coincidentally, I recently received this from another list:

>Something that happened a number of years ago may help you. A number of
>years ago the town where my father went to collage was flooded (Rapid City
>So. Dakota). The College library collection was badly water damaged. Books
>in the basement were fully submerged. The method used to dry the books and
>remove prevent mildew may help you. They placed the books in a vacuum
>chamber. While placing the book in a vacuum my not remove all the tobacco
>smell. I would lay odds that a hard vacuum would remove a great deal of it
>with out any damage to the book.

Meg Miller

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