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Re: Spine-backing question

Just a short note/correction over terms.  Wheat paste is a food
to critters because they like the gluten.  Wheat 'starch' paste
does not contain gluten (well, maybe trace amounts) because it
is removed from wheat flour/grains to make starch.

Hide glue is not always easy to use, but high quality hide glue
on a spine is easier to reverse than paste.  When doing a lining
which will have PVA over it, consider blending some cooked wheat
starch paste in hide glue and brush it on thin, work the spine
if/as needed and then apply the Japanese paper or lining cloth.

A large, round stencil brush makes a good pounding brush for stippling
the Japanese paper into place.


>... Animals don't like wheat paste, but silverfish and other critters do.


>>The author of one comment suggested using cooked wheat-paste instead with a
>>layer of Sekishu over it, before using the PVA as a final glue.


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