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SF-Systems incorporates TechSmith's award winning software for use in libraries.

SF-Systems incorporates TechSmith's award winning software for use in

In a joint press release May 2nd, SF-Systems and TechSmith announced the
incorporation of Snagit's
text capturing feature into BindPro Library, SF-Systems' library binding
preparation software.
Over the last decade there has been much discussion over the interface
between Integrated Library Systems (ILS) software and library binding
preparation software. BindPro Library, by SF-Systems, now gives libraries
the power to capture data from their ILS software, ensuring accurate and
highly efficient binding preparation.

Read the full press release:

If you have any further questions on the ILS Data Capture feature, or any of
our other products and services,  please don't hesitate to contact us,

Marco Smits

Phone: 613-284-2400
Fax: 613-283-1995
Toll Free: 1-866-872-8500

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