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Re: Thymol crystals and smelly books

>I'm told that putting the book into an airtight container with some
>charcoal briquets (wrapped in paper towels or some such to keep the
>book clean) for a week does wonders. No personal experience but know
>several people who have used it with success. (They've also gotten
>dead cigarette smell out of their cars using this method.)

As long as the briquets aren't impregnated with lighter fluid or
related compounds!

I've often used activated charcoal (aquarium section of Wal-Mart or
equivalent, or a chemistry lab supplier) in a sealed container for
the same thing, although this material costs quite a bit more than
charcoal briquets.

Bill Tozier
William Tozier

"A stupid man cannot learn, an ignorant man has not had the
opportunity to learn, but a foolish man is liable to learn, has the
opportunity, and does not do it."
   -- Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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