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bookbinding equipment

HI!  I started bookbinding again (after 10 years off) about 3 months ago.
I am a journeyman cabinetmaker of 26 years, with 17 years as a sole
proprietor.  I build mostly high end home furniture, and store/bank
fixtures.  In doing my own binding it occurred to me that I could provide
the binding community with quality affordable equipment that is built with
you in mind, not just what I think it should be.
I am working on prototypes and would like your input into the process.  I
think it would also be interesting for all to see what others think is the
optimum piece of equipment.

In a bookpress, what size platen would you like to see?
How much daylight?
Would you like the platen and base to be formica covered?

In a lying press: how wide between the screws, and how tall the press
(4",5",6"?) and how much opening?

Are there any other special items that you would like to see, possibly that
isn't even being made?  In my shop, I specialize in the out of the ordinary
types of things and am open to any suggestions.  I am not a big commercial
enterprise (1 man shop) so I can be flexible in design.
I hope to be able to start building in about 1 month.  With your help, I can
finalize my designs and provide pics for all to see.

Thanks for your help!
Jim Poelstra
Heritage Crafted Interiors

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