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Chinese Books - A Binding Manual

Special Offer:  "The Repair and Binding of Old Chinese Books," a =
translation by David Helliwell of the Bodleian Library, Oxford of a =
manual of traditional Chinese binding and restoration techniques is now =
available for $21 (postage included).  This is 30 percent off the =
original price of $30.  Three copies or more sent to a single address =
are $18 each (postage included).

    This monograph-length article appeared in The East Asian Library =
Journal, vol. 8, no. 1 (Spring 1998), pp.27-149.  52 figures drawn by =
Christopher Clarkson and 16 photographs accompany the text.

To order, send your check made payable (U.S. funds only) to The Friends =
of Gest Library / Trustees of Princeton University to:
    The East Asian Library Journal
    211 Jones Hall
    Princeton University
    Princeton NJ 08544

The discount prices are good until 20 June 2001. =20

Questions?  Feel free to write or send an e-mail to =
ntomasko@princeton.edu or call 609-258-4746.

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