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letterpress class

If you're in the Bay Area this summer, you can take advantage of a great
class at City College of San Francisco. Called Special Topics in
Letterpress Printing, the course will offer traditional letterpress
skills, including handset type and printing on both platen press and
Vandercooks. It will be taught by long-time CCSF instructor Bob
Pinetti. The class runs from June 11 to July 25, and will meet twice each
week: Monday 6-9pm and Saturday 9am-2:15. For information or to register
go to the City College website at www.ccsf.cc.ca.us, or phone Bob Pinetti
at 415 564 9988. This is a great opportunity for beginning and
intermediate printers to hone their letterpress skills!

Kathleen A. Walkup
Instructor in Graphic Communication
City College of San Francisco

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