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Has anyone seen my rabbit?

This may be among the more odd requests for this list, but hopefully =
your expertise can help.  What's really hard to believe is that I've =
been lurking on this list for months and have never seen this come up =

As you may have guessed from the subject, I'm a magician and I have a =
few Book Binding related projects that I'd like to do.  However I since =
I have no practical experience with book binding I'd like to get your =
input as to how difficult it would be for me to do it, sources for =
information on doing it, etc.

So, here are the projects that I'd like to do:

1.  I have a few copies (new) of a book on Bizzarre Magick called "The =
Complete Invocation".  The Book is about 11" h x 9" w x 2.5".  It has =
about 450 pages.

I'd like to rebind this book with a dark (black?) leather binding that =

* A lock built into the binding to secure the book.  Probably a key type =
lock, although when I really let my imagination run wild I can envision =
a lock with no apparent key hole...perhaps you place a candle stick into =
the center of the circle (see below) and the weight or a magnet works =
the lock.

* The leather "worked" somehow (I'm not sure of exactly what...tooled, =
branded, etc???) to have Circle of Protection / Pentagram engraved on =
the front cover...the title of the book would be found in the border of =
the circle.

**** The idea is to have Gothic / Ancient (Fantasy) looking book.

2.  I have several loose manuscripts that I would like to bind.  =
Currently, they are printed on normal 20 pound computer paper.  Are =
there any particular paper types that you would recommend?  The initial =
feeling someone looking at the book should have is that this is =
something of value.  I am also considering hand scribing one or two of =
these manuscripts.  Does that make a difference on paper selection.  =
Would a blank book be good for this and then either rebind it or do some =
sort of cover for the original binding.

3.  If you think my first 2 projects are too strange I recommend that =
you proceed to the next project #4.  It is more "Normal" ;>)
Any thoughts about special effect books?  I'm not talking about a book =
that bursts into flames when you open it...that's been done.  I'm =
thinking of something a bit more subtle.  Here are a few things I've =
kicked around in the back of my brain:

* How about a book that eminates a "cold, chilling" aura?  Without =
keeping it in the freezer.

* How about a book that opens on it's own, without having a thread, etc =
attached externally to it.  Could pages flip by themselves?

*  Just really odd covers.  Example:  I have a manuscript that was =
created by some friends of mine.  We are collectively known as the =
Shadow Network (we all have an interest in gothic/bizzarre/story telling =
magic).  I would like to bind this with a cover that is, well shadowy.

4.  Ok, for the more "normal" stuff.  I have a magic library that has =
over 500 books.  They range from books published in the mid 1800's to =
the present.  They are both HB and SB.  All sizes and shapes (well, =
actually I don't have any round books ;>).  I would like to start =
working on the conservation/preservation of my library.  So far I've =
read one book on the subject, "The Conservation of Magic" by Leo Behnke =
(among other things, he worked for David Copperfield cataloging, =
maintaining, etc. his massive magic library, etc).

He talks about many ways to protect books ranging from archival boxes to =
mylar.  I think that for the majority of my books I'd like to fit them =
with mylar jackets.  Any recommendations for suppliers and other mylar =
particulars such as thickness, etc.?

Well, that's it for now.  Although if you know of anyone who has =
experience with any of my odd requests I'd appreciate contact info.

If any of you are located in the Dallas area let me know.



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