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Looking for training in Buffalo, NY

Hello all,

I'm a college student in Buffalo, New York, and I'm
very interested in learning Bookbinding. I don't
really have any practical experience at it, so I'll
basically be learning from scratch. Which, I realize,
is a kind of hard order to fill. But it is something
that I'm very interested in, and am very eager to

So if there are any bookbinders in the Buffalo area
who need someone to work for them over the summer,
doing... just about anything, really, please email
me--either to this account (mcphage2001@yahoo.com) or,
more preferably,  to mpcj42@aol.com--and I'll tell you
all about myself. I'm looking for a job over the
summer, but not a "summer job" in that as soon as
school starts, it's over and I'm gone.

Thanks, all.
-Mark Peter Christian Josef

Mark Peter Christian Josef

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