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Re: safeguarding paper in the desert

Dear All:

I have a friend who wrote me recently with a problem of safeguarding paper
for copying, while he has a humidity problem:

I have a "technical" question, I hope you have the answer.
I have recently added multiple different classes of paper to my stock.
Some classes I use every day. Others I use very rarely.
I learned from the copier repair technicians that moisture is very bad for
that you plan to use in a copy machine. I could choose to live in a
building where moisture was carefully controlled. But that would add
substantially to my energy costs. In lieu of that, I'm looking for a way
to store paper that protects it from environmental variables.
Essentially some sort of plastic bin that's slightly larger than
American standard Letter size paper, and seals up like
"tupperware". I would prefer it if there were different
depth containers as some classes of stock, I have very little of.
I can't imagine I'm the first one to face this dilemma.
Perhaps you have already resolved it.
In any case, if you're interested I'll be happy to pass on any
information I finally get.
Thanks for your time,

His e-mail address is: Pedro
E-mail Address(es):

Could you please help him.  He is not on the Book-Arts listserv.  Thanks so


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