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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Looking for training in Buffalo, NY

> Hello all,
> I'm a college student in Buffalo, New York, and I'm
> very interested in learning Bookbinding. I don't
> really have any practical experience at it, so I'll
> basically be learning from scratch. Which, I realize,
> is a kind of hard order to fill. But it is something
> that I'm very interested in, and am very eager to
> learn.

Hi Mark,

I'm not a bookbnder in Buffalo.. but I thought I might suggest your looking into North Bennet
Street School in Boston.  The link to their site is:


If you don't find work in your area, you might consider taking some NBSS bookbinding workshops
over the summer.  The people running the workshops are all highly-skilled graduates of the
school's full-time 2-year program, and are working bookbinders in the Boston area.  The
programs are expensive but well worth it.

Also, you might want to check with your college to see if they might be looking for a student
assistant in their library's Preservation department.  The focus is on various types of repair
rather than actual binding, but you'll learn quite a bit about different book structures,
doing repairs that are safe for the book and make it more durable for handling in a library
setting, making enclosures for books, etc.

Robin T

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