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Reciprocity- Collaborative Exchange Portfolio

Reciprocity- Exchange Portfolio, has been accepted for display at the
2002 Southern Graphics Conference in New Orleans.
       I am seeking  submissions at this time for participation in the
portfolio.  Below is a brief description of the exchange. Those
interested can email me  at yleonard@scad.edu or yleon@hargray.com
and I will send  an attachment with a  full description and info on
how to submit a proposal.  The attachment will be in Microsoft Word
4.0.  If you cannot open or receive this type of attachment I may be
able to send one in another form if you let me know your particular
word program, (Claris, etc.).
    I hope to hear soon from interested parties.

Reciprocity- A Collaborative Exchange Portfolio
A portfolio comprised of collaborative  prints  developed  between
individual printmakers and other artists or individuals working in
any  other  media or fields.  Curated and organized by Yvonne
Leonard, Director of the Printmaking Program at  The Savannah College
of Art and Design.

      Expanding on  the traditional collaboration between artist and
printer participants will  work together  to produce a single print
that reflects the vision of both and the influence of each.   The
possibilities  could  include collaborations  with  musicians,
painters,  ceramists,  sculptors, architects,  or  writers.   Further
possibilities  might link printers with  those in fields  beyond the
arts such as science, engineering, politics, or medicine.  The
prospects are wide open.  The nature of the collaboration and
execution is up to the two participants and could include a range of
methods from the exquisite corpse to a traditional  broadside, to an
illustration, or to a call and response process.
     Participants choose one another  before  submitting  for
inclusion in the portfolio.  Each pair of participants will
contribute  jointly  on the conceptualization  and execution of  an
image that will   be eventually  realized in the print medium.

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