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Re: Tyvek

You can also get Tyvek sheets from University Products (800-532-9281;
www.universityproducts.com).    They have several different types of tyvek, but
the smooth finish which I use for book pages/covers (usually painted with
acrylics, although you can do other funky stuff to the surface) is the Tyvek
6060 Sheets.  They come in packages of 25 sheets, about $2 per sheet 23"x35".

I would also be interested in how other people use tyvek in bookmaking.  As I
said above, I usually paint it with acrylics, either wiped on full strength or
watered down (about the consistency of coffee w/cream) and then I layer on
different colors or splatter the surface.  You can come up with some nice
patterns that way.  I have also tried pastepaper tyvek, but with mixed results.

One example of my use of tyvek is on my web page at the following URL:


The second picture down (caption reads "The box is open showing some of the
closed tiles") shows some of my "pastepaper" tyvek.  I painted full strength
acyrlics onto the tyvek and then scraped off the patterns; I didn't use any
paste for this design.

Has anyone tried running tyvek through a inkjet or laser printer?  Or through a

Looking forward to hearing from others who use tyvek...


 Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
 Book: Artist | Binder | Conservator

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