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Re: Tyvek

I use Tyvek in book repair.  To help lengthen the life of a plastic comb
binding, especially the larger ones, I cut a strip the width of one of the
spaces between a plastic comb and the length from an inch or so onto the
front board, across the spine with the book closed to an inch or so to the
back board.  I usually cut 3 or 4 strips depending on the weight of the
book.  The strip is PVA'd to the front and back board on the inside.  Make
sure the book closes properly.  Dry under weight. The cover will operate
properly but the strips keeps the combs from being pulled out of the holes.

Another use is to reinforce the upper spine that seems to get pulled over
and over until it tears.  Put a piece of Tyvek a couple inches or more in
width and the length from front to back board across the spine.  Fit it
onto each board to suit you, fitting well into the hinge areas, then PVA it
to the spine cloth.  It is very thin but strong and will usually fit
well.  PVA the old spine to the Tyvek.  Keep the area next to the book free
to allow the tunnel when the book is opened.

The only trouble I have with Tyvek is that I get impatient for it to
dry.  It takes longer than other things to absorb the PVA.  I use PVA at
full strength for these operations.

Other ideas for book repair?

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