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Re: Adding additional boxes to an edition

If you published the fact that the special edition was 5 boxes, then you
should stick with that. Very unfair on the five people who bought what they
believed to be a limited set, if you then go and increase the limitation.
Indeed, it could be seen as pure greed on the part of the publisher!!!  Many
times we have regretted limiting editions to stated quantities, because they
have sold out immediately - but if one took up the habit of changing the
rules every time, people would soon get turned off you.

I supose that a somewhat similar problem is reprinting an edition - again,
puts a dampener on the concept of 'limited'. Becomes rather like the shops
that forever advertise a one-off sale. But on the other hand, if a book has
proved so popular that it has sold out, why should one deny the right of
other people also to buy new copies, just because they were a bit slow off
the mark. You can perhaps get round this by printing a second edition, NOT a
reprint.  Ie there is a difference, however slight, between the first and
second editions - perhaps a different paper, different shaped box, correction
of typos, different typeface, etc....

David Bolton
The Alembic Press, Oxford, UK

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