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Conservation Technician Position at Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY.

From: Claire McCurdy <awt@mailhost.uts.columbia.edu>
Subject: Position at Union Theological Seminary

Conservation Technician
Union Theological Seminary
The  Burke Library, New York, NY.

Union Theological Seminary
<URL:http://www.uts.columbia.edu/burke_library/> is seeking a
conservation technician who, under the direction of the
Conservator/Preservation Administrator, will conduct general
collection conservation treatments as well as special projects for
the rare books in Union's Burke Library. The Burke Library is the
largest theological library in  the Western hemisphere, whose
holdings include many unique and special materials.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

     *   Repairs books under guidance of Conservator/Preservation

     *   Enters condition survey data on collection conditions into

     *   Other duties as assigned.


     *   Knowledge of general collections treatments, e.g.: recasing,
         rebacking, paper repairs, protective enclosures.

     *   Two years of specialized experience in library or museum
         conservation of books, especially rare books.

     *   Bachelor's degree with substantial coursework in relevant

     *   Successful applicants will need to submit a portfolio of
         treatments at interview.

Hours and rate of pay:  The position is full-time, 35 hours/week,
and grant-funded with benefits, expected to last for three years.
The salary is $28,000.

For application, contact:

     Claire McCurdy, Archivist
     The Burke Library
     Union Theological Seminary
     3041 Broadway
     New York, NY  10027

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