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Re: Question about large format book

I have had simular question about printing books but the opposite, a small book. LD Lawrence I have been doing some research on this and it has been quite interesting. I have a 8.5x5.5 childrens picture book created entirely in Photoshop. I want to print about 100 by a commercial digital printer and have them hard bound at a reasonable price. I have discovered that I can get them printed reasonably as you may have found but the binding is where the big bucks come in. Sizes must conform to the equipment binders have and then the cost for a small run can be quite expensive. I have been quited upwords of $85 per book. Now that might not be bad for you because you are doing an art piece that I would expect to sell for a good amount but for a childrens book you can see my problem.
If anyone is out there that can offer some suggestes I would appreciate it. I know the members of this group mostly bind their on work and I have done that and it is most satisfying. But I don't have the time to bind 100 or more books and I would have to charge and arm and a leg for them.


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