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Re: Adding boxes to an edition

Thanks to those of you who took the time to answer my question about adding
boxes to my edition. I have seriously considered your responses, as well as
discussions with fellow book artists.
The edition, while printed, is not complete. It awaits the writing and
letterpress printing of the colophon, box label, and prospectus. Therefore, I
believe that I still have the option to increase the number of boxes or
decrease the entire edition should any not be worthy of sale.
Once the colophon and prospectus are printed I do not believe I should change
the numbers.
At this point, it is not as one person suggested at all about greed. Actually
there is a very small markup on the boxes. I received the first two
enclosures several days ago and realized that the book needs the box. The
materials: silk binding, pastepaper lining and letterpress label coordinate
and enhance the book. They make it complete and substantial.
I appreciate your letters.
Alice Simpson
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