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Book Repair in Saskatchewan?

Hello everybody
I am thinking about getting a couple (almost) ancient (I suspect)
dictionaries rebound for my Grandpa's 80th birthday coming up at the end
of June. I know it is seriously short notice, but the dear old guy
finally gave in and gave me an idea of something that he wanted for his
birthday, you know how it is :  ). He is a big cross-word puzzle fan and
absolutely refuses to use anything other than these old dictionaries.

Anyway, I am in Saskatoon and I have no idea what is around here for
GOOD book repair/restoration. I do artist type books (at least that is
what I think you'd call it) and don't really have any idea of what is
involved, how long it takes, or even what it might cost to repair an old
book. I realize that the cost would most likely depend how badly damaged
the books are, however I haven't seen them so I really couldn't say at
this point.

I am just starting to search out the possibilities. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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