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Re: Workmate

I was going to send the following to the:
But thought you might not want to be bothered by people. You might want to
send a message, or let me know the maker for inclusion.
OR, MAYBE you saw the message and decided not to reply?


In a message dated 5/22/01 7:32:23 PM, jimc@MULTCOLIB.ORG writes:

<< > >Has anyone ever tried to use a Black & Decker Workmate vice/bench for
> >rounding and backing books?
> >
> >Any tips for getting the best use out of one? >>

Janice Stagnitto Ellis of Silver Spring, Maryland uses something similar from
Sears that is operated by foot rather than with the two hand cranks. And, as
mentioned by Peter Verheyen -- "You'll have to make sure that you have even
pressure on both ends of the book though" (with the Workmate).
Janice is very pleased with  her unit. She can be contacted at

Bill Minter

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