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Re: Workmate

> Janice Stagnitto Ellis of Silver Spring, Maryland uses something similar from
> Sears that is operated by foot rather than with the two hand cranks. And, as
> mentioned by Peter Verheyen -- "You'll have to make sure that you have even
> pressure on both ends of the book though" (with the Workmate).
> Janice is very pleased with  her unit. She can be contacted at
> stagellis@email.msn.com
> Bill Minter

A response from Janice off-list:

Thanks for sending along your inquiry courtesy of Bill Minter. I don't
subscribe to the Book Arts list now ( but may re-join ) so I didn't see
the inquiry there, or I would have responded directly.

The model that I use was distributed by Sears Craftsman and was
manufactured by Wolfcraft, but has been discontinued. Maybe Wolfcraft
would reconsider if they got enough inquiries about it. Their phone number
is 630-773-4777. Wolfcraft's web site is www.wolfcraft.com . The model
number is 6183458. I believe it was the only model on the market with a
foot clamp. The cost was about $100. although I just bought a floor model
from Sears and it was $60. since it was a discontinued item on sale. I
suggest calling around to Sears stores to find another tucked away in a
stockroom somewhere. Wolfcraft was VERY, VERY kind (they are a wonderful
company), and sent me the pieces missing from the floor model, so if you
find one with pieces missing, buy it anyway since chances are they may not
re-manufacture this model workbench.

The foot pedal is easily operated to move both the right side of the clamp
mechanism alone, left side alone or both sides together to clamp the two
backing boards parallel. The release for the clamp is also foot operated-
simply push the foot lever up. There are conventional small screws on the
right side and left side of the benchtop, for fine tuning if needed.
Those of us who work on oversized matherials without the benefit of an
assistant can really appreciate being able to hold a large book with two
hands while operating the clamp with the foot. Pressure is easily
adjusted. The bench also folds for storage. Overall, I have never missed
not having a cast iron job backer, and frankly find this tool much easier
to use.

Please feel free to copy this to the Book Arts list to answer anyone
else's questions about the Wolfcraft / Sears Craftsman Workbench.

Janice Stagnitto Ellis
Quarto Conservation of Books and Paper, Inc.

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