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Re: Royalty-free Clip Art

     The answer depends a lot on what precisely it is that you are looking
for. If you're talking about photographic quality clip art for computer
reproduction, then the hands-down answer, as Ken mentioned, is Hemera.
Their 50,000 item collection, which is available on a single DVD-ROM(!) is
absolutely stunning and never leaves my computer. On the other hand, if you
need a wide variety of "traditional" clip art, including bitmap and vector
drawings, antique stuff, web dingbats, etc., your best bet is the Art Today
web site (www.arttoday.com). For a very modest annual sign up fee, you get
access to well over a million items in every conceivable category. I find
that it makes a very good complement to the Hemera PhotoObjects collection.
     On the other hand, if you need specialty stuff, there are appropriate
specialty sources, such as PhotoDisc (www.photodisc.com) for an enormous
array of hi-res photography, Walden (www.waldenfonts.com) for unique theme
collections like the Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc. and Clip Art
Connection (www.clipartconnection.com) for free stuff. Enjoy!


Can anyone recommend a good royalty-free clip art collection for the pc?

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