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Catching up with Tom, May 2001

Dear friends,

You're invited to visit <http://www.tomphillips.co.uk>, a site dedicated to the works and texts of British artist/writer/composer Tom Phillips.

The site is created in collaboration with Tom, and is updated around the first of each month.  The March 2001 edition features:

- PICTURES FROM POSTCARDS: FLAGS : Flags often appear in picture postcards, but under magnification they seldom resemble the original flag.  The processes of offset lithography, half-toning, retouching, and other printing techniques erode design and detail, often to the point of unrecognizability.

These are the images Tom painted, first onto plaster bas-relief to conjecture the parts of the flags that were obscured in the original (the flags billow to varying degrees in the original photographs).  Second, he painted gouaches on paper; finally a number of the gouaches were woven into tapestries.

The website examines this process at all steps.

- PORTRAITS: ADRIAN MITCHELL : Author of "Marat/Sade" sees his pages updated.  Of note, the addition of the poster from his Tom-designed show, "Satie Day/Night."

- A HUMUMENT : Pages 181-210 from the first printed edition, Tetrad Press

- EXHIBITIONS : Further news of Tom's upcoming exhibition in FORT WORTH, TEXAS (26 May through 29 July at the Modern's Annex at Sundance Square), as well as news about current exhibitions.

In fact, 26 May is just around the corner!  If you're interested in visiting the exhibition while Tom is there, give us a holler.

Next month, we'll have reports from the show in Fort Worth, plus a look back at 1997's exhibitions in Dulwich and South London.

Best wishes, John Nick Pull <john@tomphillips.co.uk>

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