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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 22 May 2001 to 23 May 2001 (#2001-137)

>Down with clip art - Hire an artist.  Keep illustration alive!
Alice Simpson

As I am married to an illustrator, I understand this sentiment. There
is, however, a time and place for everything....a well placed piece
of good clip art in a low-budget newsletter can greatly enhance a

I use the Art Explosion clip art and am very pleased with it. Most
often I alter the image in Illustrator, even if it is simply taking a
four-color or black & white image and adapting it for use in a
two-color newsletter. If you're really crafty, you can combine images
using pieces and parts to create your own graphic. Nice for those of
us with low budgets and no drawing skills.

When budget allows for a little more than clip art but not enough for
a custom illustration you might try:

Artville, now owned by Getty One

The Stock Illustration Source

Both of these stock illustration sources pay the individual
illustrator royalties for each purchase of his or her art.

And, by all means when budgets allow, hire an artist!

Julie Sullivan

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