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new on GBW web page

Please excuse the cross posting on the message...

I am pleased to announce that the Guild of Book Worker's web pages have been
updated with more information for binders and other book artists.

The home page now features a new GBW News section for timely announements
concerning the organization.  These will be updated periodically as new events
related to the Guild occur.

A new Resources page has also been added.  Currently, there are two
bibliographies available.  One focuses on the history and use of leather in book
binding and is from the Foundations workshop held at the October 2000 Standards
of Excellence.  The other is on resources for Oriental Papermaking by Jim
Canary, co-chair of the Midwest Chapter of the GBW.

On the Standards of Excellence page, there are now links to a short history of
the Standards, including a comprehensive listing of all presenters and speakers
for all 20 Standards, which began in 1982.  There is also a review of the 1982
Standards, written by Mary Schlosser, then editor of the GBW Newsletter.  This
is hopefully the first of many more reviews of past Standards conferences.

And as always, there are links to membership and GBW publications information,
individual pages for several of the regional chapters, an archive of past issues
of the GBW Newsletter, a Study Opportunities list, and online versions of the
last three GBW national exhibitions.

Please send any comments or corrections to Eric Alstrom, the GBW WebBinder at

Thank you,

 Eric Alstrom         Hanover, NH
 Guild of Book Workers WebBinder

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