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The Tyvek Family

Hot Plastic:

Common sense should prevail when working with any  man-made material subject to
high temperature. The heat tends to break down the substance into various
kinds molecular fragments some of which may turn into a vapor and therefore
easiy inhaled.  The fragments may or may not be harmless.

The plastics industry has done a super job for decades to present a happy
face about their various  products....after all, don't  the myriad plastics
available truly make our life easier, more colorful, waterproof, and
whatever else you want from them ? But  there's a couple of multi- syllable
words related to  the word plastic that have always bothered me, though  (
an old chem major here ) and those  words are: disposabilty,  degradation,
disintegration and ultimately plastic pollution.

We are filling the ground, waterways, and air with tons and tons of
degraded plastic bits, pieces, and the product of the ultimate breakdown
which are  complex man-made molecules  never before seen  under sun since
life  started to evolve. On the other hand, it isnt healthy to inhale a
dust storm in the desert, either !

A few hurricanes ago ( in the northeast ) hundreds of modern boats made of
(y ou guessed it)  fiberglass were wrecked -  many beyond repair.  What to
Well,hmmmm,  let's shred and bury them , let's burn them, let's make underwater
reefs of them. There were no laws governing safe disposal. This vignette
concerns only fiberglass boats  - just one aspect of the plastics industry.

What in heck am I getting at?   That we all  are subject to
plastic poisoning  of one kind or another.  The stuff degrades like
everything else (except for inorganic mineral compounds).  We dont know yet
how much is "dangerous"  in the air, the water, the things we eat, and no
one has
seriously raised the question ( yet ). Plastic coats our houses, our cars,
our book covers  and canvasses... it degrades especially in sunlight....we
can only use common sense and  if a red flag comes up, call  or email the
company that makes the stuff and ask.  Caveat emptor.


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