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Book Arts Calendar 2001, University of Utah.

To register or for more information call the Book Arts Program at
You may also register by e-mail at mpowers@library.utah.edu.

Leaves of Gold:
An Introductory History to Western European Illuminated Manuscripts
June 27th, Wednesday, 7:00

Before the e-book, before the printing press, for more than a thousand
years, books were made by hand. Scribes and illuminators created
sometimes plain, but more often stunning, copies of works from
antiquity, books of devotion, herb-als, histories, romances, travel
epics—all works of art in their lettering, illustration, and binding. In
Western Europe thousands of these works were produced in the years
between the fall of the Roman Empire and the advent of the printing
press in the mid-fifteenth century.     Manuscripts were treasures in
their own time and are treasured today for their beauty and as examples
of the human will to express the spiritual and the everyday in book
    This lecture, illustrated with slides, introduces the lay person to
how manuscripts were made, who made them, and why they were made.
Following the lecture, the audience will have an opportunity to view
examples of medieval book production culled from the facsimiles (exact
replicas) and leaves held in the Marriott Library's rare books
collection. This lecture is co-sponsored by the Utah Center for the Book
and is free and open to the public.

Speaker: Luise Poulton, Associate Curator of Rare Books,
J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Place: Salt Lake City Public Library, Main Branch Auditorium, 209 East
500 South

[ july ]

Alternative Printing Techniques: Part One
July 7th ? August 4th, Saturdays, 9:00 to 1:00

Are you looking for a way to add interesting images to your books? Over
five consecutive Saturdays, participants in this workshop will learn
three historical photographic printing processes: cyanotype (blue
print), Van Dyke prints (brown print), and gum bichromate prints
(multicolored print). Additionally, large format negative processing
will be addressed. Except for creating the negatives, these techniques
can be reproduced at home with inexpensive materials found at the art,
hardware, or drug store. Participants will be given a source for
chemicals. All processes are compatible with letterpress printing and
bookmaking. No photographic experience is necessary.

Instructor: Marnie Powers-Torrey
Place: Book Arts Studio, Marriott Library, 5th floor
Workshop Fee: $200; Materials: $35

[ august ]

Beginning and Intermediate Letterpress
August 25th ? December 1st, Saturdays, 9:00 to1:00

If you missed the summer session, here's another chance to take
letterpress printing. Using movable type and hand-operated printing
presses, participants will design and print their own broadsides and
chapbooks. This class will include a brief introduction to the history
of the book, using examples from the rare book collections. Through
discussion and critique, participants will learn basic elements of
design and typography, as well as how to integrate other printing
processes into letterpress work.

Instructor: Marnie Powers-Torrey
Place: Book Arts Studio, Marriott Library, 5th floor
Information: Call the Art Department at 801.581.8677
to register for credit, or Marnie at 801.585.9191
or mpowers@library.utah.edu for further information.

The Alchemical Myth:
Transformation and the Visual Book
August 13th ? 17th, Monday ? Friday, 9:00 to 5:00

What informs your thinking as a book artist? Join collaborators Timothy
Ely and Daniel Kelm as they guide you through the process of
transforming raw materials into an inspired artist's book. Ely and Kelm
will create an artist's book based upon an historical example from the
rare book collections. Participants will join the instructors by
designing and producing their own unique books. The workshop will
include discussion, exploration of materials, investigations of
structures and technologies, and demonstrations of a variety of
techniques. Ex-perience the alchemy that takes place between initial
concept and ultimate object!
Timothy Ely and his one-of-a-kind books have been acknowledged with
numerous awards including a grant from the National Endow-ment for the
Arts. A chemist by training, Daniel Kelm designs and produces artists'
books at his Massachusetts studio, the Wide Awake Garage.

Instructors: Timothy Ely and Daniel Kelm
Place: Book Arts Studio, Marriott Library, 5th floor
Workshop Fee: $400; Materials: $25

The Alchemical Myth
August 16th, Thursday, 7:00

Self-described practitioners of both metaphorical and physical alchemy,
Timothy Ely and Daniel Kelm will explore the infinite possibilities for
transformation inherent in the process of making an artist's book. This
lecture and slide show promises to be a fascinating study in the art of
process as well as an intimate look at the work of two accomplished
artists. Free and open to the public.

Speakers: Timothy Ely and Daniel Kelm
Place: Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library, 1st floor

[ september ]

Alternative Printing Techniques: Part Two
September 5th ? October 3rd, Wednesdays, 4:00 to 8:00

Add life to your book projects with these sim-ple techniques! Attend
one, several, or all five of the one-day sessions. Participants will be
introduced to eight printing techniques, which can be accomplished at
home using simple equipment. All processes are compatible with
letterpress printing and book arts projects.

Session I, September 5: Acrylic, Xerox, & Polaroid Transfers
Session II, September 12: Pastepaper & Suminagashi
Session III, September 19: Gelatin Printing
Session IV, September 26: Collagraphs
Session V, October 3: Linocuts

Instructor: Marnie Powers-Torrey
Place: Book Arts Studio, Marriott Library, 5th floor
Workshop Fees: $45 per session
(discounted fee for all five sessions:$200)
Materials Fee: Sessions I & II, $20
Sessions III, IV, & V, $15

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