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MSDS Sheets (Was: Tyvec)

The best place to find information about the safe use of most substances =
is a "Material Safety Data Sheets" (MSDS). All manufacturers are required =
to provide them for all substances that OSHA deems "hazardous". There are =
plenty of web sites that have the needed information, start with the FAQ =


Randall Ober
Librarian, Boyce Campus
Community College of Allegheny County

>>Recently there was a small discussion of using tyvek in inovative ways =
such as ironing it onto >>fabric or melting with a heat gun. There was =
also a question of safety. I e-mailed Dupont and >>asked about tyvek =
fumes. Their response was

>><< Gases/vapors produced in fire from complete combustion of Tyvek=3DAE =
are CO=3D
>>2 and water.  Incomplete combustion yields hazardous gases/vapors =
including CO, acrolein, other >>aldehydes, ketones, fatty acids and =
short-chain hydrocarbons.>>

The box said:

" needs Windows 95 or better"

So I bought a Mac.

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