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Vacation and Mail...

With Summer vacations fast approaching I urge everyone to familiarize
themselves with the list commands for setting their mail to "nomail."
Listserv is set so that after two mailbox full messages are received the
subscriber is deleted. This may sound unduly harsh, but please remember
that for every message that bounces I get a copy... That adds up, REALLY fast.

If your address has changed (happens a lot these days) and you get a
message telling you that "you are not subscribed..." don't panic. Just pass
it on to me and I'll remove you. You'll need to resubscribe yourself to
make sure the address is correct. This is all automated, and listserv is
not equipped with fuzzy logic to sort things out.

When you return, just set yourselves back to "mail" or "mail digest" per
the instructions.

Instructions are located in the Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive. There is a
link to it at the bottom of EVERY email message sent to the list, and it's
in the header too. The URL for the Book Arts Web, with link to FAQ and
Archive is <http://www.philobiblon.com>

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


                                 >>> I love working in a library <<<
 >>There's something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

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