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Printing workshop in Verona

Dear Book Arts Colleagues:

I want to alert you to an exceptional opportunity. An eight-day=20
workshop -- Printing on the Stanhope Handpress -- will be offered this summe=
in Italy.

Alessandro Zanella will teach the workshop August 26 through=20
September 2, 2001, at his studio in Verona Italy. The workshop is=20
limited to six participants. =A0=20

Alessandro is the proprietor of Ampersand, one of Italy's leading=20
private presses. After working with Gabriel Rummonds at the Plain=20
Wrapper Press between 1976 and 1982, Alessandro=A0 established=A0=20
Ampersand, where he has printed=A0 limited edition books on his=20
1854 Stanhope handpress for the last two decades.

I invite you to visit Alessandro's web page to see pictures of his=20
studio and for details of this unique workshop.=20

The following link will take you directly to Zanella's web page:

 <A HREF=3D"http://www.jump.net/~ltrpress/workshop.html">Handpress Printing=20=
Workshop in Italy</A>=20

The URL address is:


Gabriel Rummonds
Seattle, WA 98107

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