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Re: bookcloth

Good morning - in classes that I took with Hubert Leurs we made our own =
book cloth, I was using a ligt wieght pale green silk and it worked =
beatifully - here are the notes that I took:=20
May 7/1996                                                               =
                                                               Fabric =
for Book Binding - * DESIGN is important, the pattern must not overwhelm =
the book. Linen, Silk, Cotton and the blends, almost anything will work. =
Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the book, it's a good idea to =
iron the material before you start and watch that the grain is working =
with the book. Cut or have ready a piece of "backing-paper" About 1- 2 =
inches larger than your fabric on all sides. Dampen the paper with a =
sponge, then apply glue * (from the hub of the wheel out to the spokes) =
lightly, you want an even coat - no lumps that will bleed through, work =
quickly. Pick up your fabric, right-side up, by the two diagonal corners =
- and drop it carefully on the glue surface, there should be a border of =
1-2 inches all around the edge. using the palms FLAT of your hands =
lightly smooth over the surface, then pick up the [two pieces] again by =
the diagonal corners - flip it over gently and lay it quickly on the =
board - now you smooth the whole thing out getting rid of air bubbles =
and making sure that the border is sealed. ..... some time later (1 1/2 =
hours) you may remove the fabric paper creation; peel back one corner =
till you can get a bone folder underneath, then slide the folder around =
the edges freeing the "fabric". VOILA !!
{Kay was working with a light gray linen - to be used on a photograph =
album that had a dark green leather spine and corners, very handsome.}

v.alice hughes
Argosy Books in Ottawa

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