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Tom Phillips in the Lone Star State

Howdy y'all!

We've rustled up a corral of new content for June!  You're invited to hitch your browser to <http://www.tomphillips.co.uk>, a site dedicated to the works and texts of British artist/writer/composer Tom Phillips.

This month finds us in Texas, with a virtual tour of the physical exhibition NOW SHOWING at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum's annex, the Modern at Sundance Square.  19 works, new and old, are featured, with many images from the gallery.

Also this month, a 1997 article on Tom from the Manchester Guardian entitled DONNISH QUIXOTE, pages 211-240 of the first edition HUMUMENT, and the introduction of a sitewide keyword SEARCH function.

Log on, pardner!
John Nick Pull  <editor, tomphillips.co.uk>

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