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Re: bookarts education

I would like to applaud Mark Andersson's comments about the great
variety of book art/craft education available in the US today, and
add that the Guild of Book Workers publishes a listing of educational
opportunities, and that their membership directory lists all those
who teach, both privately and within institutions. In terms of
programs which include calligraphy, I believe the Oregon School of
Arts and Crafts in Portland Oregon covers this in their books arts
curriculum.  While the Austin Preservation/Conservation Studies
Program does not focus on the book arts per se, we emphasis the
intensive study of the chemistry, structure, and history of books and
paper,both in printed and manuscript form.  This is study which those
who love library and archive collections and hope to keep them intact
for future use find gratifying, whether their background is art,
librarianship or science, and our students come from all these
backgrounds. As Mark noted, we are fortunate today to have programs
available which cover the broad range of book arts and crafts, and
many of these programs can be adapted to individual student's needs
and perspectives.

The closing of many long- standing educational  programs in the UK
covering both traditional bookbinding, and book conservation is a
matter of great concern for all of us, and we need to be sure we
maintain, publicize and support our own educational resources here.

Chela Metzger
Instructor, Book Conservation
University of Texas
Consuela Metzger
Instructor-Graduate School of Library and Information Science
The Preservation/Conservation Studies Program
The University of Texas--Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1276
(512) 471-8293

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