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Re: Bookbinding Course

Mr. Stansell is certainly correct in his statement that there are not
enough trained conservators and bookbinders to handle the vast
amounts of materials needing treatment in out libraries and archives

Stansell is, however,  not entirely correct in his assessment of
advanced training opportunities for both bookbinding, and the
conservation of bound material.  There certainly are opportunities
available in the US to learn both bookbinding and book conservation.
Some, like the the University of Texas, University of Iowa, and
University of Alabama program, are affiliated with universities.  But
there are many educational paths available, as Mark Andesson from the
North Bennet Street School Bookbinding program, has noted, and all
have there own specializations and strengths. I have in no way begun
to list all the study  opportunities available, or the complexities
of this changing profession.  Of course an additional educational
program, such as Mr. Stansell is suggesting, could provide even more
options for those interested in book binding and book conservation.

Its worth noting that institutional support, in terms of the number
of conservation positions actually available for those who do pursue
training in this important field, is also a major concern, in a time
of eroding library and archive budgets.

Chela Metzger
Instructor-Book Conservation
Preservation/Conservation Studies
Graduate School of Libraru and Information Science
University of Texas at Austin

Consuela Metzger
Instructor-Graduate School of Library and Information Science
The Preservation/Conservation Studies Program
The University of Texas--Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1276
(512) 471-8293

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