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WOID Archives

The following items have been placed on the WOID Archives. To read them
go to my web site listed below, and click on WOID.

WOID #VI-15. Review: German Design at the Bard Center
WOID #VI-14. The Ballot [V]: Saving Ryan's Privates
WOID #VI-13. Review: Jewish books and manuscripts
WOID #VI-12. Calendar
WOID #VI-11. Noted: At the Met
WOID #VI-10. Calendar
WOID #VI-9. Review: Two in SoHo
WOID #VI-8. Review: Miriam Schaer
WOID #VI-7. Review: Two in Chelsea
WOID #VI-6. Calendar
WOID #VI-5. Calendar
WOID #VI-4. Review: the Raw and the Crude
WOID #VI-3. Noted: Hector Ramirez
WOID #VI-2. Opening: The Word on Words
WOID #VI-1. Review: A New Acquisition at the Met

Paul T Werner, New York

WOID: A journal of visual language

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