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Bindery business for sale

Dear Book Arts List,

I have developed a small mail-order business offering fine hand-bound =
notebooks, journals, portfolios and boxes and have been in operation for =
about 10 years. I sell directly to individuals across the United States, =
mostly from my catalog. I work alone, but have had employees in the past

I want to pass this endeavor on to a person or group that would take =
enjoyment producing high-quality bindings for a wonderful group of =

Initially, I acquired customers through small black and white space =
advertising (offering a free catalog) primarily in the New York Times =
Book Review, The New York Review of Books, The New Yorker and the =
Atlantic magazines. My only advertising of late has been word-of-mouth =
and a modest web site.

My customers are comprised of business people, professionals, artists, =
writers, journalers, teachers, etc. My name file totals about 15,000 =
with about 2,500 customers. All names and order history are =

I produce my own catalog and print journal papers using desktop =
publishing software and a Deskjet printer.

My studio equipment includes the following:

Chandler & Price 30" guillotine paper cutter

Seybold 35" board shear

Hickock 20x28 platen standing press w/ 14 brass edge press boards

Kwikprint Model 55 hot-stamping press

Letang Fils stereotype press used as nipping press

Challenge paper drill machine

Latham cornering machine

If you have an interest, I would be glad to hear from you.


HUGH STUMP bookbinder 1074 MONROE ST, EUGENE, OR 97402. 541.342.7439 =

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