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Course at the Centro del bel libro Ascona, Switzerland

Course at the Centro del bel libro Ascona, Switzerland

Typography and the Art of the Book

We start in Ascona on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore. In a relaxed and
convivial atmosphere we shall study the art and techniques of fine
typography, its history and its culture. With a series of videos, slides and
demonstrations, we shall probe the origins of the written letter and examine
the development of humanistic writing under the hands of the Renaissance
scribes. We shall see how printers developed these calligraphic models to
produce roman type (antiqua); how type was made, how and why its morphology
changed through the centuries and how, together with woodcuts and

engravings, it was applied to the printed page. Highlights of this seminar
are visits to some of Europe's greatest libraries in Milan and Turin. We
shall admire the most beautiful and significant books from mediaeval and
Renaissance manuscripts to the finest printed work of the 20th century. We
shall trace the history of the printed book in the company of Gutenberg,
Jenson, Aldus, the Estiennes, the Elzevirs, Bodoni and many others. To
conclude, we shall be guests of Enrico Tallone at his elaborated printing
establishment where hand composition and traditional techniques of
letterpress are still used for making fine books.

Tutor James Clough

Date 17th - 21st September

Length 5 days

Language English, Italian

Fee Fr. 1050.-, incl. transfer to Milan and Turin (accommodation not

Participants people who are interested in books and typography

Further information: Renate Mesmer, Via Collegio, CH-6612 Ascona, Phone:
(011)-(0041-091 791 7234, Fax: (011)-(0041)-091 791 7254

E-mail: r.mesmer@ticino.com


Centro del bel libro Ascona
Via Collegio
CH-6612 Ascona
Tel: (0041) 091 791 7234
Fax: (0041) 091 791 7254
E-mail: r.mesmer@ticino.com

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