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Re: Bindery business for sale


Good morning, I just read your message. I am curious how much are you
asking for?

I am a Book Artist looking for a niche in a small busiesss where I can
work in my home studio.  With your experience I am wondering if you have
any suggestions how I can start to build a  Wedding Guest Book business.
I just finished a first commisssion this past weekend with a lovely
woman wanting to help me get customers. I spent nine days making this
book-in other words a promotional job. I think it will be a perfect
place for my skills as a painter, printmaker, letterpress printer,  book
designer, design binder, and boxmaker.

Any suggestions will be helpful. Especially how to charge..

Thank you and good luck.

Sharon Long
Wonky Bindery
1005 54th St. E.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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