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definitions of graphic design

Hi all,

I'm part of an art department at a small liberal arts college.  The studio
program is discussing its needs and looking at the scope of our graphic
design curriculum. Of course, we have our own notions and experience about
the range of graphic design's applications and definitions, but since many
of you on this list are involved professionally with graphic design, I'm
interested in hearing about your sense of what graphic design is,
particularly beyond marketing applications such as logo design, packaging
design, corporate image-making, etc. Also, I'm interested in your thoughts
about a) the links between graphic design and other studio practice, and b)
the place of history and theory in teaching graphic design.

I always appreciate the many inventive ideas and the breadth of thought on
this list. The last time I queried (asking for sources for old
typewriter-style fonts for an exhibition catalog) I received wonderful
responses. A belated thank you!

And, thanks in advance for your insights on this subject.

--Dinah Ryan

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