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Re: definitions of graphic design

Paul Werner's essay and Michael Brady's comments provide insightful basis for
discussion. Perhaps we could also differentiate between graphic design and
graphic art, or between design and art in general.

Michael mentioned Toulouse-Lautrec and Stuart Davis. This may indicate two or
more uses of the words "graphic art."  T-L's paintings do not strike me as
graphic art, but of course it is common parlance to apply the term "graphic art"

to his (or anyone's) prints, particularly those that incorporate typography or
though I would use the term "graphic design" to indicate the choice of typeface
and its placement relative to the image.

Stuart Davis is interesting because his paintings flattened the illusionistic
to the image plane and incorporated images of graphic elements in paintings,
creating "fine art" in which graphic art and design were subject matter.
This perhaps derives from or  reflects on the constructivists and futurists.

Blurring the line between "fine" and "graphic" art we can also add Mondrian,
Albers and to some extent the Minimalists.

In Junior High there was Graphic Arts Shop, where I learned hand type
composition, letterpress printing, drypoint etching and bookbinding,

The word "graphic" often is also associated with concepts like "black & white,"
"line," "high contrast," and "symbolic."

Intent and derivation may be issues to discuss when identifying "fine" and
"graphic" works. I tend to think of the bindings of Paul Bonet and Philip Smith
as "design," but those of Pierre Legrain and Mary Reynolds as "art."

In today's book art world I see many works that are designed to look like art.


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