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Book Art or Design (was: definitions of graphic design)

Michael Brady wrote:
>I'm offering a scattershot list of connections.

Good shot!

>Davis was already working fully within the Cubist idiom

I didn't mean to imply that Davis was the innovator of flattened space or use of
graphic elements-- just that this was an example of those features. I only used
Davis as an example because his name had been mentioned.

>Or Ben Shawn,

Ben Shahn:  There is a great page of links at

>Dinah asked about the connection between the fine arts and graphic design.

I'm all for that, though actually Dinah asked about
>a) the links between graphic design and other studio practice, and
>b) the place of history and theory in teaching graphic design.

I'd like to turn the question to the studio practice of book artists, and ask
them and the curators (including collectors and librarians) on this list:

Is the work you create or curate art or design, and to what extent is the work
created/curated based on theory and/or history.


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