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Re: Art or Design

>But that may be the point, which is why I'd like to see what the book
artists on
>this list have to say about their work and what the
>curators/collectors/librarians have to say about it.
>"Schnabel's broken plates."
>To me Schnabel's work is  designed to look like art. In particular, it is
>designed to look like the congregations of Alfonso Ossorio, but lacks the
>metaphoric impact. That makes it closer to what I call "decorative art."

Here are the thoughts that two cups of very strong coffee fueled...

I like that term "..designed to look like art."

In creating an artist's book, as opposed to a painting, the fact that the
object is multi-dimensional can lend itself to too much self-conscious
'designing'. When making art becomes an intellectual exercise in how to best
present information, it always falls short. I think that that's the
challenge in creating artist's books - to keep your compulsion to
express/explore something and to engage with the materials in as sincere a
realm as possible. How do you wield your control over the space, movement
and other aspects of the work in a way that remains true to your vision and
doesn't feel contrived? - especially when working with the production of

The artists' books that I'm really struck by seem to communicate not so much
the intent of the artist, but a feeling of being privy to what they
discovered in creating it.

I think that's what differentiates design from art - design works towards an
end and art emerges from the act of engaging with the materials. I always
feel that if a project ends up exactly the way I had envisioned it before
starting, then I haven't learned a thing.



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