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Re: Homemade book cloth cont.


I often use an airbrush to apply dyes.  Is your mix of starch paste,
methylcellulose and acrylic colorant too thick to spray?  No streaks, pretty easy
to control, although color matching can be difficult and tedious sometimes.
Cleanup is a bit of a pain as well, but the resulting coloration is satisfying.

Eugene, OR

William Minter wrote:

> .
> I like the use of acrylic artists paints (especially the GOLDEN FLUID
> ACRYLICS -- no messing with pigments). Acrylic paints allow for a small
> variation -- visual texturing?-- of the color, much like the "Linen Finish"
> as designated by bookcloth manufacturers.
> I thought of using starch as the size as originally done, but I was a little
> concerned about the attraction of bugs. So I have been mixing starch paste
> with methylcellulose and then add the acrylics.
> The size is applied to both sides of the cotton. The fabric is laid on a
> sheet of Mylar and that side is sized. The fabric is then flipped and the
> other side is sized and allowed to dry on the Mylar. Uniformity of color can
> be difficult to achieve without streaking, and I have been working to develop
> a better method.

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