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Re: Proper care and feeding of Japanese waterstone?

>>Can anyone give me advice about the proper care of my new Japanese =

>>Any and all advice appreciated.



1)    Most people store their waterstones submerged (under water) in a =
tray of some sort. If you let
       the stone dry out between uses, you then have to wait for the stone =
to become saturated=20
       again before you can use it. There are plenty of choices for =
containers - "Rubbermaid" for=20
       example. In a wood shop it is important to keep this reservoir =
covered to protect the stone(s)=20
       from contamination, especially from metal shavings/filings.
2)    Make sure there is plenty of room in the container you choose.
3)    Do not let them freeze. They can literally explode from the =
expantion of the water as it
4)    Over time, the surface of the stones will become "dished" or =
hollowed in use, and they need
       occasional flattening. The easiest way to do this is to attach a =
piece of wet/dry "sandpaper"
       to a FLAT surface (so called "float glass" is the preffered item) =
and rub the working surface
       of the stone on it until it is again flat. Use a grit that is =
coarser then the stone but not by too
       much. Since waterstones are softer than oilstones they need this =
"truing up" more

These are the basics. If these suggestions are not clear or you need more =
info, contact me off-list.

Randy Ober
Librarian, Boyce Campus
Community College of Allegheny County=20

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