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a simpler question? clarification?

Everyone's musings about the questions I posed re: the extent of graphic
design have been great and will be _very_ helpful in extending discussion.
If anyone has further thoughts along the lines that are already open, I'd
love to read them. Can I also pose what might be a simpler question, or
possibly a clarification of my earlier questions?

In the art dept in which I teach, a narrow view of graphic design is
developing, one that tends to limit exploration to corporate logos,
corporate image design, etc. and tends to encourage students to think mostly
in terms of pleasing clients.  It seems important to have some discussion
about the many different possibilities for graphic design. While this may
seem like an obvious question, it will be very helpful to be able to cite
ideas from a group like this, so here goes:

What are the different applications that you see or do using graphic design,
anything from book illustration to artists' books to animation to the
wildest thing you can think of (or the quietest).

As Michael Brady said, I don't ask much, do I? :) But I do thank you...Dinah

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