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Art or design, art and design, all art, all design, no art, no de sign

It is with thorough appreciation that I have been following the discussion
on art and design, even if it has meandered away from the originally posted
inquiry. Why? Well, in the first place, it is heartening to know that folk
involved in the world of art and design consider the topic of interest.

However, in the second place and more importantly, I have been pondering
this question, reading books, and pondering further ever since last summer
when I was taken up short by a comment Stuart Kestenbaum made about a poem I
wrote for a poetry class at Haystack. The request was that we create a poem
on the topic of "The Artist's Statement at ...." and then we had to pick an
age before 10. I chose five. Okay, so the poem won't ever be published. But
this is not the point. After I read the poem, Stuart said to the class, "You
might understand this better if the title were "The Designer's Statement at
Five." "Whew," I thought, "If there is a distinction to be made at the age
of five..."  And what is this distinction and why is it important? Stuart
knew I am an architect of twenty five years, but that my toe tips only at
the edge of the "art world" in the past two years. Book arts are my big
allure. Roberta's comment about intent and outcomes offer me solace. With
architecture, one best be rather intentional! Although - in the sketch stage
- freedom reigns and design and art, in my opinion, co-mingle with joy. With
artist's books, I still feel the mix. I love the tension created by the
form, usually but not always pre-conceived, mixed with the evolutionary
aspect of using a wide range of materials and varied subject matter.

So, is there a name for the middle of the road wanderer? Desart, or Ardes or
Artesign - can one "cake and too?"

Please, let the discussion continue.


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