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Literacy Project Help

I am writing a proposal for a literacy project using book arts and I am
looking for some information. I am interested in anyone's thoughts on
this subject, especially anecdotal information on teaching book arts to
children in the classroom and your assessments of how utilizing the book
arts in the classroom can benefit children (as related to literacy).
Please respond privately (unless people on the list express an

Additionally, I am looking to buy (or even borrow) copies of
"Multicultural Books to Make & Share" by Susan K. Gaylord and "A Book of
One's Own" by Paul Johnson.  I gave away my only copy of Susan's book!
If anyone can help me track down these two titles, that would be great.
Otherwise, I would love to borrow someone's copies for the month of
June. I will likely refer to both these works in my proposal.

Finally, assuming Paul Johnson is still around, does anyone know how I
could contact him?  I know that Susan is on this list, and has provided
LOTS of great information on list and on her website.

Thanks so much!!

Kara Sjoblom

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