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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 13 Jun 2001 to 14 Jun 2001 (#2001-158)

I have been reading with interest and, admittedly, some intellectual envy the
about Art and Design, wishing I could participate in some philosophical way.
After more than thirty years in my own design firm I realize I am one who
just "does."

I stopped questioning whether I was a Designer or an Artist quite a long time
ago, because the decisions and judgements I make just come from some visceral
place. Somewhere between gut, eye and hand, whether it is the placement of a
letter form, image,  words, the decision of line, color, texture, or photo...
it just happens. The question is less whether I am making Art or Design, but
about the elements before me.

Granted, when clients want "blue" when "red" is called for, it seems like
Business and
less like Art. But here in my studio when my hand is moving, my mind buzzing
those exquisite moment-to-moment decisions which are part of the process, it
simply feels that it's not much different whether I am designing, painting,
drawing or making books.

Someone asked me which of my creative endeavors I preferred.
"As long as the hand is moving, I'm happy."

It's the doing that matters.

Alice Simpson

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