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Re: graphic design/graphic art

To paraphrase Wendy, Michelangelo could have written:=0D
>   I worked for several years as a designer and as an artist. =0D
>   As a designer I would look at what my client (the Pope) was trying to=
>   communicate and try to find the best medium to do it in and then the=0D=

>   best way to do it in that medium (usually Cararra marble!). =0D
>   As an artist, I was working with cardinals who had already come to a =
>   decision about what they wanted to communicate and how they wanted to=
 do =0D
>   it and all I had to do was to execute the piece in a way that made se=
nse =0D
>   to the Pope, made good use of materials and was within the client's =0D=

>   budget. The greatest skill I needed was communication: with the Pope =
to =0D
>   elicit what he really wanted and with the Curia involved in the =0D
>   production of whatever was finally done. And someone to pay me!!!=0D
Functional definitions are always a bit difficult to pull off! (But so ar=
taxonomic definitions! -- ask any grammarian!)=0D
Graphic design and Graphic art are so related that to speak of them separ=
is a low order of distinction. It's like calling a pastel portrait a=0D
'painting' or laboring over the differences among watercolor, gouache,=0D=

cassein, acrylic, and oil painting.=0D
Michael Brady=0D
jbrady@email.unc.edu   http://www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html=0D

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