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New Book Announcement

The University of Iowa Center for the Book is pleased to announce the
publication of
"NO SHORTCUTS : An Essay on Wood Engraving" by Barry Moser. I'll
spare the book's vital statistics in this msg, and refer readers to
http://www.uiowa.edu/~ctrbook/bookarts/uicbeditions.html .  Orders
and inquiries can be emailed from there.

This cloth bound limited edition was letterpress printed from an
essay given to the UICB by Moser, and includes polymer-plate prints
of 16 engravings by the author.

Having been with the UICB during the development of this book
project, not creatively involved, but an eager observer, I feel free
to say it is an engaging essay and a gorgeous book, meticulously
made. I'm very proud of  Jessica Renaud, editor, Sara T. Sauers,
designer and printer, and Larry Yerkes, binder, for tackling the
challenges and giving it their best. Barry Moser himself has written,
".. I want to thank you for a marvelous presentation of the essay. I
really couldn't be happier or prouder. I mean that sincerely. It's a

In Spring of 2000 we sent a note to Windhover Press standing order
customers giving them a chance to reserve a copy based on their
established association with our program. If you responded at that
time, watch for a postcard asking you to confirm your order.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne Micheau, Program Assistant
UI Center for the Book

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